If you’ve been thinking about hiring a ghostwriter but you’re not sure if you should make the leap, this article has a list of considerations that can help with the decision. Generally, someone should hire a ghostwriter if they’ve got an excellent message, a pre-existing audience and have been fending off demands to write a book for years, but they just don’t have the time.

1. You’ve Got an Excellent Message

If you’ve got the kind of message that makes people sit up and take notice, you might benefit from hiring a ghostwriter. Think of it this way: A good ghostwriter has all the perfect skills to tell a story but in most cases doesn’t have a story to tell. Their perfect clients are the kind of people who have excellent stories but not the time or resources to put them into print. An excellent message can be a business strategy, a fitness technique or just a fascinating life story. Most great messages have already helped people in real ways but need to reach a wider audience. Plainly put, a good ghostwriter helps great messages touch more lives.

2. You Know You Need to Write a Book

If you’ve been thinking for years that you need to write a book but haven’t yet, you might want to hire a ghostwriter. Consultants, trainers, business specialists and leaders with special knowledge are all excellent candidates for what a good ghostwriter can offer. Sometimes the head consultant in a firm gets told repeatedly by his or her employees that a book would be a logical next step. Sometimes clients ask a trainer if he or she has got a book for sale. Anyone who’s become so used to hearing calls for books that they deal with it by nodding and saying, “I know, I know,” should seek help from a ghostwriter. A good ghostwriter can turn, “I know, I know,” into, “Actually, yes, I’ve got a copy with me.”

3. People Have Been Asking for Your Book

As a ghostwriter, my biggest repeat clients are people who have known they need to write a book for years. In most cases, this knowledge comes as a result of hundreds of clients and employees making requests. After a seminar or training session, attendees ask, “Have you got a book I can buy from you?” Employees mention over and over again that a book would create a new revenue stream for the business. If your current audience has been nudging you gently or in some cases not so gently to commit your message to print already, you might want to hire a ghostwriter. A good ghostwriter can erase the time burden, freeing you up finally to get the book you know you need.

4. You Have a Built in Market

The people who can benefit most from hiring a ghostwriter are those who already have a built-in market. In most cases, someone who packs training sessions or sells out business seminars should really have at least one book for sale. Not having one is doing a disservice to your audience and turning your back on guaranteed revenue. Likewise, someone who gets invited to speak to large groups often or even anyone with a high Twitter following should have a book on offer. Usually, people with large home-grown audiences who don’t have books for sale should hire a ghostwriter. A good ghostwriter can help an expert serve a section of their market in a way they normally neglect.

5. Your Ideas Already Help People

The world is full of excellent coaches of all stripes and disciplines. Some know a lot about health. Some can teach us to improve our business or career. Some can show us how to drill a well safely or give tips to raise a child. Everybody needs information and some people have lots of it. The gap between the two is where a ghostwriter comes in. Someone who has been teaching people how to manage their money for decades may be brilliant, but their reach is limited by the number of hours in a day. Teachers who have more ability to help than they have minutes can reach more people through a good ghostwriter.

6. The Idea of Sitting Down to Write a Book Makes You Sweat

A book is a serious undertaking. Most often, the teachers among us know how to convey a message brilliantly in a one-on-one environment, or even one-on-fifty. However, when it comes to a blank computer screen late at night after a full day of work, suddenly they’re in a mental traffic jam. Which idea to start with? How to get the concepts across meaningfully in print? Faced with writing a book, experts in almost any field can seize up, freeze up and give up in the face of not wanting to write something amateurish that will do their lessons a disservice. A ghostwriter can help by breaking apart the mental logjam and getting things going. A ghostwriter can take the burden off the expert by learning his or her message, realizing how it’s best delivered and then using their special talents to put it all on paper in an entertaining way.

7. You Barely Have Time to Brush Your Teeth

Someone with a great message who’s been using it to help others for years is often the person who can least afford to spend the time to write a book. Someone whose employees and customers have been asking them to write a book repeatedly usually can’t even find the time to write the preface. If you have a truly valuable message, chances are excellent that you spend all your time bringing that message to the world already. A book could help you reach a wider audience, but you simply can’t afford to do it if it means cutting off all the people you’re helping now. A good ghostwriter can give you the best of both worlds. Hiring a good ghostwriter can leave your time free to teach or work with clients, while still delivering the book your lessons desperately need.

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