I’m Tom Gerencer, ASJA journalist, CEO, and head writer at Gerencer Creative. I offer:

  • Copywriting, Blogging, Journalism
  • SEO Topic-Selection and On-Page Strategy
  • Ghostwriting and Nonfiction Book Writing

Why hire me? Here are a few of my accomplishments:

  • Grew traffic for money/lifestyle blog from 0–800K in 18 mos.
  • Grew medical blog from 8K–45K in 40 days.
  • Helped grow career blog from 1M to 3.5M in 18 mos (as #2 in team of 3).

Featured in Boys’ Life, Better Homes & Gardens, Scouting, Paw Culture, and cited by Forbes, Fortune, HuffPost, The Economist, and dozens more.


Help! An Editor Stole My Story!

Have you ever had an editor almost assign a story to you, then go dark? Only to have the story pop up weeks later, written by someone else? Find out what can happen if you take a counterintuitive approach.