Hiring a ghostwriter comes down to one simple factor: time. You’re the expert in your field. Of course you’re the best person to write a book about it. The problem is time. If you’ve never written a book before it’s easy to get stuck and spin your wheels. Given enough time, you could write the perfect book to cover your area of expertise. The trouble is, the expert is almost always the person with the least time available to write a book.

Why Don’t Experts Have Time to Write a Book?

Most experts in a given field know their subject matter back to front and up and down. They’re the go-to people others seek out when trying to learn the ropes. They’re almost always in continual demand, teaching, mentoring, guiding and training. Between sharing what they know with others and balancing responsibilities and family time, the time to write a book just isn’t there. That’s the tragedy of being the most knowledgeable in your field: You are at once the one person qualified to write the perfect book about your topic and the one person least free to do it.

The Guru’s Catch 22

Bill Gates famously said the one thing he wishes he had more of is time. A single person who holds valuable information is like someone with a single torch trying to bring the gift of fire to the world. You hope those you pass it on to will use it wisely and teach others what to do with it. You worry that a sudden storm will put it out. A teacher can only touch so many lives before their time is up. A book is a way to touch a thousand lives or a million. It frees the expert from the prison of the almighty clock. It gives her back her time by letting her reach many lives with a single lesson. But it’s risky. In order to reach those many lives, we have to stop helping the people we are helping now. Worse, it’s hard to know how long the process will take. How much time the writing of a book will take before the teacher can get back to teaching.

Ghostwriter to the Rescue

A good ghostwriter is the answer to the expert’s problem. A good ghostwriter has the skills to draw out a teacher’s lessons and understand them to their foundations. A good ghostwriter has the skills to take those lessons and cast them on paper in a way that will engage the reader. A good ghostwriter will get the teacher’s message across so the student understands it as if the teacher had been there teaching it in person. Best of all, a good ghostwriter knows how to do all this while valuing the teacher’s time. With the right ghostwriter, the expert is free to keep teaching one on one while still getting the perfect book.

Your Words, My Time

When you hire me as a ghostwriter, I value your message and your time. I work hard to learn your message as if it were my own, while respecting that you have responsibilities. The last thing someone with special knowledge needs is more time sucked down the tubes. I’ll learn your lessons and craft them into the book you would have written on your own, if time was in unlimited supply. When we’re done, you’ll have your book, written in your words, without losing a year of your own precious hours in the process.

I’d love to hear about your project. Give me a call or send me an email using the contact info below and let’s get started.


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